SCOTT COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- LMPD's 9th Mobile Division apprehended accused child predator Christopher Broy Sunday evening.

The division was made aware of his possible location, and began a search for him. 

He was located walking down a Louisville street and is currently incarcerated at Louisville Metro Corrections after a short foot pursuit, officials say.

Investigators believed Broy was tricking young victims, and several southern Indiana police agencies and a lot of angry parents were looking for him.

Police believe he was communicating with underage girls on social media, using a new name and pictures.

In fact, he seemed to be talking to everyone but police.

Tammy Palmer is a southern Indiana parent and says Broy recently contacted her 15-year-old daughter on Facebook.

"She ended up telling him again that he was too old and shouldn't be contacting minors, and she blocked him."

But Palmer said Broy didn't give up easily.

"Then he had contacted her through Instagram, and it was again, the same thing, you know, just asking for a friendship," Palmer said.

Broy's Facebook account was still active late Thursday night. He even shared a WDRB News story about the charges against him. He wrote: 

"Go read the comment I just wrote and some of you girls that used to send me pictures -- and was always trying to get with me, tomorrow, I'll make you famous on social media. So, any girls that sent me nudes, willingly, and, you know who you are, you will be exposed."

It is because of comments like that and some other concerns that police desperately want to find Broy.

"He has made statements to various people that he has access to a weapon," Scott County Sheriff Dan McClain said.

In a phone call to the WDRB Newsroom this week, Broy denied that he has a weapon.

"I just want to let everybody know that I am not armed and dangerous like everybody is claiming that I am," he told WDRB's Stephan Johnson. "And I am not around the area so there's no need sense of them keep harassing my family."

Broy's Facebook account was deleted sometime on Friday, but the Scott County Sheriff's Office believes he's using the name Jeremy Nachand and still communicating with underage girls.

"I had wrote him on Facebook messenger and had just informed him that he needed to not contact my daughter," Palmer said.

Palmer said she is not surprised that Broy is using an alias.

"Because as soon as I finished writing him, he had told me don't even bother writing anymore, that one was deleted, gone and he was on to another profile."

Right now, Broy is facing several charges including child solicitation, sexual misconduct and child pornography.

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