LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville mother is making a gut-wrenching plea for help find those who killed her loved one.

She wants justice for her son's father and to ease her son's fear. Kayla Pinales says her young son will often ask if the bad guys are gone, and she wants to be able to tell him yes.

As she goes through family photos, Pinales is filled with heartache.

“That smile would have gotten you through the day,” she said.

Her son's father and on-again off-again boyfriend of 15 years, Brandon Hansford, is now just a memory.   

“I just don't want his face to be forgotten,” Pinales said.

The 29-year-old was killed on July 18. Police were originally called out to a car that ran into a home on Upper Hunter's Trace near Wellsworth Avenue.  When they arrived, Hansford was found shot to death in the driver's seat.

“I got the call that he had been shot, and that he didn't make it,” Pinales said. “And I just thought how am I going to tell my baby?”

A month later, police still have no suspects.

“Somebody had to have seen something. It was right in front of a gas station, and no one is coming forward,” Pinales said.

Pinales is desperate for answers, having gone through a similar situation in 2006. Her sister was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and an arrest was never made.

“There are too many killings happening, and it's not right,” she said.

She's now trying to be strong for her son Parker, who turned 4 years old last week.

“He'll say, ‘daddy's at work. Oh, daddy can't be at work because daddy's in heaven.’ I try to tell him that even though he's gone, you can still talk to him,” Pinales said.

Parker often asks to hear his dad's voice in a recording he sent via text, just three days before he died.

“Hey little buddy, I love you. Have a good day. Call me when you can, alright? Love you so much. You're my main man, and I miss you,” said Brandon Hansford in a voice recording.

Pinales has been posting thousands of fliers around town and is offering a $1,200 reward for information leading to an arrest.

If you have information, call the anonymous police tip line at 574–LMPD.

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