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SCHOOL SMARTS- Establishing Solid Study Habits

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  Stephen McCrocklin is the co-founder and director of Langsford Learning Center in Louisville. He's in the business of making sure children achieve academic success.

He says these are the top three things middle school students need to do to establish solid study habits.

Visualize what you read.

"It turns out that our ability to read is hinged on our ability to make movies in our mind about what we read. Rather than memorizing a study sheet for the test, the better step is to picture in your mind the questions that are being asked."
Toss the highlighter.

"When you take the cap off the highlighter, your brain turns off. It's much better to read with a pencil. It's called pencil reading.   As you read along, take notes in the margin about ideas and summarize what you are reading and learning."

Get organized for the next day. This eliminates unnecessary stress.

"That's way better than finding yourself at school without the homework you completed. That just hurts students academically. So take a few minutes at the end of the day to pack your bag."

These are the top three things high school students need to do to establish solid study habits.

Read information on paper, not a screen.

"When we are reading on paper, we have the ability to make notes in the margin. We have the ability to easily to flip back to sections that we need to refresh our minds about.  It's much harder to do on a tablet."

Turn off all electronics

"It's been shown by study after study that attention shifting doesn't work and multi-tasking does not work. Take a block of time and turn off the social media, then do the work."

This is also the time adults need to step back.

"It's important that the kinks get worked out in high school. It's much harder than to pull that together in college."

He also emphasized the importance of sleep for students.

Click here for more information about McCrocklin and Langsford Learning Center.

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