LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The fairways are overgrown with weeds, and the water hazard is truly a hazard.

But the ongoing legal match over the Glenmary Golf Club may soon be approaching the final holes.

The complex case has pitted neighbor against neighbor. At stake is the future of the golf course which, for now, remains entirely in the rough.

Tim Distler moved to Glenmary 26 years ago, back when the golf course was the center of neighborhood pride instead of source of embarrassment and division.

“We love this neighborhood, and we just want it back somewhat the way it was,” Distler said.

Four years ago, after a vote by the residents, the board of the Glenmary Homeowners Association approved buying the golf course from the developer, which was trying to sell.

But a month later, a new board canceled the $2 million deal, citing financing issues.

“The board's position is that the contract wasn't satisfied in that there was inadequate financing available,” attorney Don Cox said.

The developer, Par Golf, sued for breach of contract and, last October, closed the golf course.

As the weeds grow, so has discontent among neighbors. Some want to elect an entirely new board and revisit the issue of buying the property.

“There are a large number of residents who don't feel that the current board is serving with authority over them, and they are making decisions in this litigation that affect their lives, their homes, the value of their homes,” said Michael Tigue, who is representing the disaffected residents.

But those who support the decision not to buy say the association bylaws prohibit replacing the entire board.

“You don't want to have all of the directors turn over at once,” Cox said.

Judge Mitch Perry has scheduled a hearing for next week to resolve both the board election issue and the contract dispute.

Distler, who is running for a board seat, hopes the end of the fight is near.

“That would be our goal: to get everyone back to being a neighborhood again,” he said.

There is also a separate lawsuit over how this property can or cannot be used in the future. That decision will impact whoever ultimately owns it.

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