LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With accused child predator Christopher Broy now behind bars, authorities are releasing new information about the scope of his alleged crimes.

Broy was arrested over the weekend in Louisville. He had been wanted in Scott County, Indiana, for alleged child molestation, sexual misconduct with a minor, and child pornography. Investigators say he's been using Facebook and Snapchat to solicit middle and high school girls. 

During a news conference Monday afternoon, Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk told reporters that his office has received "numerous reports" of incidents involving Broy, and "a litany of charges appear to be likely." Though he could only speak for Harrison County, Schalk said Broy's charges were far reaching. 

"Based just on the reaction that we've had from Harrison County, we are talking...this is not a handful of cases," he said. "This would not surprise me if we get up to 100 different families that have reached our office alone."

Schalk said there are also similar reports coming from two other counties: Floyd County and -- as noted above -- Scott County. 

"I expect that number to grow," Schalk said. 

Schalk said most of the victims were between the ages as 12 and 18, and that Broy would solicit nude photos from them. A probable cause affidavit filed in Floyd County, Indiana, states a 14 year old victim there had sex with Broy. It says he picked her up before school, drove her a few minutes away from her home, and had sex with her in his car before dropping her off at Floyd Central High School.

A probable cause affidavit filed in Scott County, states that Broy threatened a 13 year old girl for nude photos and sex, and she complied with his threats.

"There would be initial contact online, and then he would be using photos as blackmail and bribery to gain further access to children," Schalk said. "This is textbook predator and prey."

Schalk said it is not clear which county will be prosecuting Broy first. As for his county, Schalk said there is currently no bond set.

"If a bond is set, the state of Indiana will be seeking a high bond," Schalk said.

A probable cause affidavit released Monday afternoon provides details of a specific incident in Harrison County involving Broy and female victim who was 15 at the time of the incident.

According to that affidavit, the girl, then 15, met Broy at a church event. At the time, she thought he was 25, but Broy was really 38. Authorities say she later started sending messages to Broy via the popular cell phone app Snapchat. 

"[THE VICTIM] said that after messaging Chris for a period of time, Chris asked her to send him naked pictures of herself via Snapchat," the affidavit states. "[THE VICTIM] said that she first refused, but Chris told her that if he didn't, he would contact her parents and tell them that she had already been sending inappropriate photos."

According to the affidavit, the victim said Broy told her to either send naked pictures or give him money -- and since she didn't have any money, she sent him naked pictures.

The affidavit states that Broy responded to the naked pictures by telling the victim that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her, and that if she wouldn't agree, he would show the pictures to her parents. He eventually did so, according to the affidavit, showing up at her home on three different occasions in June and having sex with her in her bedroom, "while her nephew was upstairs playing in his room."

Authorities say they later found seven naked images on the victim's cell phone, which also had Broy's phone number in it.

According to the affidavit, authorities visited Freed From Within, a halfway house in Corydon, Indiana, where Broy had been staying. Authorities say he wasn't there, and when the facility's residence director reached out to Broy and told him to come back, Broy said that he knew what it was about, that he had received pictures from "that girl" and shouldn't have done it. 

On July 3, authorities say the following message was posted on Broy's Facebook page:

To let everyone know what's going on, I've made a very bad decision in my life..I am no longer at the halfway house and surely headed back to jail! Yes I failed myself everyone that invested their time in me, and most importantly God! So yes I feel hopeless and don't wanna live! I'm ashamed of myself! I let the devil in and win..so again I apologize and now everyone knows. I do appreciate from my heart for those messaging me but this is something I must face alone now! I will keep everyone updated as long as I can.

Authorities say a search warrant executed on Broy's Snapchat account revealed evidence of multiple conversations with other females who appeared to be minors. 

"These conversations contained sexual content wherein Chris Broy asked for 'nudes' naked pictures and/or videos along with asking for sex," the affidavit states. "Some of the comments/chats spoke of sexual intercourse that had already taken place between he and the involved conversants."

As noted above, Schalk says the teen alluded to in the probable cause affidavit is just one of several police believe were victimized by Broy.

During Monday's press conference, Schalk urged parents to be vigilant.

"Anytime there are allegations of this nature, it serves to illustrate to parents that no matter how tight you lock your doors at night, social media has the capability of allowing predators into your child's room," Schalk said. "And as a prosecuting attorney who has handled far too many cases involving child solicitation on social media, I encourage all parents in this digital age to sit down and have a conversation with your children. Set time limits. Only allow social media to be used in common areas - not their bedrooms. Be a good example yourself on social media."

"We often the phrase 'digital footprint.' I would submit it's a 'digital tattoo,'" Schalk said. "When you post a photo on the Internet - just like a tattoo - it's not going anywhere. Even if the social media Web site reports that the photo is going to disappear after a brief period of time, predators exploit this. Explain to your children that they should spend some time thinking about whether they want their photos for the world to see."

Anyone who believes their child may have been contacted by Broy is asked to call (812) 738-4241.

At the time of this writing, Broy is facing several charges in various counties. In Scott County, Indiana, he is charged with child molestation and child solicitation. In Floyd County, Indiana, he is charged with child solicitation. In Harrison County, Indiana, he is charged with sexual misconduct with a minor, child solicitation and possession of child pornography. 

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