Looking at the lodge at Wooded Glen today, you never would have guessed that just a few months ago it was up in flames.

It's almost identical to what the building looked like before the fire.

“You notice very little change,” said Rich Winans, a visitor to Wooded Glen Retreat and Conference Center visitor.

Winans has been coming to Wooded Glen in Henryville for meetings and retreats with his company, The Chem Group, for years.

“We've been back here probably ten times, and we look forward to coming back on a regular basis,” Winans said.

When Winans heard about the fire that destroyed one third of the rooms at the lodge in February, “we immediately picked up the phone and called to find out and make sure everyone was safe."

“You just kind of wonder, is this the end for us? How long are we going to be closed?” Wooded Glen Sales Director Vince Garmon said.

As Garmon watched part of his family business burn, he felt grateful there wasn’t more damage.

“Flames were ten feet high,” Garmon said.

No one was injured, and a smoke wall stopped the flames from entering other parts of the building.

As it rebuilt, Wooded Glen was able to let people continue to stay in the rooms that weren't hit.

“We've had to reshuffle a few retreats, but people have been understanding,” Garmon said.

Nearly six months after the fire, the damaged area is back open to visitors.

“I slept great,” Winans said.

Four groups canceled trips to Wooded Glen because of the fire, but overall, business has increased six percent this year compared to last year.

The cause of the fire is undetermined, but it was most likely electrical. 

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