LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 14-year-old boy who was jumped by five people on his way home from school is speaking out, along with the woman who came to his rescue.

Dylan Pierce missed the bus last Tuesday after class dismissed at Iroquois High School. 

"I was walking home and they stopped in front of me and I walked past them," Dylan Pierce said. 

He called his grandmother, Gail Pierce.

"He said, 'Granny, pick me up,'" Gail Pierce recalled. "And I said, 'Where you at?'"

But that call was suddenly disconnected. 

"They punched me in the face and it flew out of my hand," Dylan Pierce said. "They took my glasses after they punched me and took the lenses out of them and crumbled them up in their hands."

The 14-year-old says there were five attackers -- all boys -- and believes they all attend Iroquois High School -- but he only recognized one, and doesn't even know his last name.

"Had you had any issues at school?" asked WDRB's Gil Corsey. "Did you like the same girl? Do you have any idea why this happened to you?"

"I guess robbery, because they said give them my shoes and my phone or they was going to kill me," Dylan Pierce said. 

But Belinda Harshfield, a good samaritan, was nearby, and had seen enough. 

"I saw him hit him in his mouth," Harshfield said. "I saw him hit him in his jaw and I saw him hit him in his ear."

The home healthcare nurse flipped a u-turn in the middle of Taylor Boulevard.

"I pulled up into the grass of the churchyard like a crazy woman," Harshfield said.

She rushed to Pierce's rescue, bat in hand. 

"I rolled my window down and I said, 'Just jump in the car!'" Harshfield said.

"I wasn't going to hit nobody," she added, referencing the bat. "But I just wanted them to know they can't just pick on people the way they are because bullying is ridiculous."

The group got away.

The incident happened minutes after the bell, just feet from the school, but JCPS says since it happened off-campus, it's a police matter.

"I haven't heard from police or the school," Gail Pierce said. "They never called to check on him. So in my opinion they don't care, they don't care."

Medical records show Pierce lost hearing in his left ear. His glasses are mangled, along with his phone. 

"I think sometimes youth don't understand the consequences of their actions, especially when inflicted on someone else, so we're investigating to find these individuals," said Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell.

Until they're found, Pierce says he's staying home.

"I was scared and angry at the same time," he said.

This is the third incident of a high-profile attack after school in the last three months. It happened to a girl from Moore in May and a middle schooler in New Albany last week. 

Police recommend that students walk in groups, stay aware of their surroundings, and draw attention to themselves if they're worried about a threat.  

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