HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) – Court documents reveal even more disturbing details about a southern Indiana man accused of blackmailing young girls for naked pictures and sex.

After law enforcement in several Indiana counties spent days searching for Chris Broy, the 39-year-old was arrested Sunday in Louisville.

“He has a look in his eyes that you can tell there was something off about him,” described one Harrison County woman who wanted her identity concealed.

“I met him through a friend of mine, and he just became obsessed, with me and he wouldn’t let it go.”

The woman claims she shared graphic photos of herself with Broy in 2015, and he threatened to put them all over social media if she didn’t follow his every order.

“I’m glad he’s locked up. I’m glad. I hope they throw away the key,” that woman said.

While that woman is over the age of 18, Harrison County prosecutor Otto Schalk says Broy preyed on girls as young as 12, using Facebook and Snapchat.

The investigation into Broy began in early July, when Shalk says there were allegations from a 16-year-old girl that Broy had met at a church function.

Court documents show Broy threatened to tell the girl’s parents if she didn’t send him naked pictures of herself. When she agreed, Broy apparently made further threats until she had sex with him three times.

Schalk says it’s unclear just how many girls and adult women fell victim.

“This is not a handful of cases. This would not surprise me if we get up to 100 different families that have reached our office alone,” Schalk said.

Schalk says there are other similar cases involving Broy out of Harrison, Floyd, and Scott Counties.

Filed in Floyd County on Aug. 18, an affidavit involves a victim who claims she “told Broy she was only 14.”

The teenager says she was picked up “near her home” and “after having sex,” Broy dropped her off at school.

The next day, another affidavit was filed in Scott County. The victim was listed as a “13-year-old.”

That young girl claims she “sent nude pictures of herself" to Broy over social media and that he demanded more pictures and sex or he would post her photos online and send them to her parents.

“It makes me sick because I know what I’ve been through, and I know the scars it’s left on me. These girls are 14 and below,” described the Harrison County woman.

Broy’s mother was arrested over the weekend, as well.

While police say she was questioned about her son’s location, her arrest was not connected to his case. She’s accused of shoplifting from a grocery store.

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