LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The first beams connecting the Kentucky and Indiana sides of the East End Crossing have been laid.

An East End crossing spokesperson says the work to finish the final patch should be done in the next week and half. Then the main work left is paving.

The bridge is scheduled to open to traffic in December.

“I think the bridge was necessary," said Bob White, who has lived in his home on Bass Road in Prospect for 31 years. "I think it's going to help our economy. It's good for us.”

White has seen the bridge take shape from the early stages, and between now and its completion, work will center on landscaping and aesthetics. Much of the work of the Indiana side of the river is completed, but there is still work to be done in Kentucky, particularly in the tunnels, something White wasn’t pleased with.

“We did not need a tunnel and some of the estates they bought? They weren't necessary."

Ultimately though, White thinks the project is a good thing, especially with his children and grandchildren living across the river in Indiana.

“Now we go Zorn Avenue to I-71, and then get on the interstate and take it up to Indiana,” he said of the trip that takes him about 45 minutes. The new bridge will likely cut 15-20 minutes off of that drive.

“After watching this thing go up, I wish I was an engineer,” White said. “ I think they’ve done a magnificent job.” 

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