LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jefferson County Public Schools has announced new procedures to help keep students safe if its buses become stranded or stuck in traffic. 

During a Tuesday night school board meeting, Hargens says this year’s efforts to evacuate students stuck on Interstate 71 on the first day of school prompted the change.

Effective immediately, school officials will bring water to any bus that has been stuck in traffic for 30 minutes or more, she said.

If several school buses become stranded, Hargens says the school district will work to identify the number of buses and students impacted and form a plan to evacuate the students, if necessary. 

"In other words, we will not wait to see how long the buses will be stalled, but instead put a deadline based upon location and conditions on when the evacuation will begin if necessary," Hargens said. "We will notify the schools, who will notify the parents of the students on the bus. If no one is reached at the school, the compound will notify the parents."

On Aug. 10 -- the first day of classes for JCPS -- at least 400 students were stranded on buses on Interstate 71 after a multi-vehicle crash. After several hours, other school buses were sent to evacuate the students. 

Firefighters and Louisville Metro Police representatives assisted students as they crossed the southbound lanes to board the buses. 

JCPS transports about 70,000 of its 101,000 students to an from school on buses each day.


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