LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A neighborhood working hard to reduce violence was rocked by a murder Tuesday night.

Shelby Park is one of Louisville's oldest neighborhoods, and community leaders say they will not let Tuesday’s violence stop the effort to reclaim their streets.

Chip Rogalinski is president of the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association.

Tuesday night, he helped organize a neighborhood peace walk featuring LMPD Chief Steve Conrad.

It was an effort to help connect police and the people they serve here.

"Had a beautiful day, beautiful evening on the ground talking, making sure that people knew that neighbors were neighbors, and police should be there to help us," Rogalinski told WDRB News.

But just hours later police were back, this time investigating a murder.

A man was shot and killed on his front porch on Camp Street, right across the street from where the walk was held.

"It causes us pause. We never want anything like that to happen anywhere in the city," said Rogalinski.

LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell says the murder demonstrates that violence can happen even in neighborhoods trying to do the right thing.

"While there was a walk for peace, there is still an element of society that doesn't want peace," said Mitchell.

LMPD’s message to neighborhoods - keep working.

"There's a lot of people in those communities who want peace, who want their neighborhoods to be safe, and they are joining with us to make sure that happens," said Mitchell.

In fact, residents of Shelby Park are taking action.

WDRB found neighborhood board member Casey Hamm on his way to the crime scene to meet and talk with neighbors.

"Is there anything that they see that we're not doing or that we’re able to do that can potentially help create a better neighborhood, less crime?” he said.

Tuesday night's peace walk was not the first in Shelby Park. Nor will it be the last of the efforts to rebuild and re-connect .

“We certainly will make sure that the police are back again so that people feel comfortable talking. It’s just about building community,” said Rogalinski.

Police say they have no suspects in the murder, and hope someone does come forward with information.

Meantime, Shelby Park is moving ahead, planning its annual expo to show off newly renovated homes on Sept. 10. 


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