CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Kroger employee had a gun pointed in her face after confronting a shoplifter.

It happened on Saturday morning at the Kroger store in Clarksville.

"When someone points a firearm at you, they are telling you, 'hey, I will shoot you if you try to apprehend me,'" said Det. Sgt. Ray Hall, with Clarksville Police.

Sgt. Hall said that is why he needs your help finding two young suspects.

"They could be early teens, early 20s."

Police said the suspects, one in orange and the other in black, walked into the Clarksville Kroger on a mission.

"The suspect in the orange shirt appears to be a lookout guy with the other guy that stole the alcohol," Sgt. Hall said.

The suspect in black was also wearing a backpack and goes right to work, according to police.

"He takes that backpack off and pulls out another bigger bag, kneels down and starts taking bottles of alcohol and loading it in the bag," Sgt. Hall said.

He was eventually confronted by a female store employee but doesn't stop what he is doing.

"He continued to load the bag full of alcohol and disregard any commands that she may have been giving him or ask him what he was doing," Sgt. Hall said.

The Kroger employee even followed the suspect outside, but she got quite a scare.

"Apparently, when she confronted him outside the store again, he displayed a firearm and pointed it at her," Sgt. Hall said.

Surveillance video captured both suspects outside the store, and police believe there was also a get-away driver.

"It appeared to be a silver Dodge van, driven by a white female with blonde hair, and it did have Indiana registration on it," Sgt. Hall said.

If you see the suspects, call police, but remember they could be dangerous.

"They should consider him dangerous and call 911," Sgt. Hall said. "Don't confront them. Call us."

If you have any information about the suspects, you can call Clarksville Police at 812-288-7151 and ask for Det. Sgt. Ray Hall.

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