LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's considered a superfood, becoming an increasingly popular crop for farmers in Kentucky and available for you to try at this year's Kentucky State Fair. 

There are french fries, corn dogs and pizza -- but who says you can't eat healthy at the Kentucky State Fair?

Some are saying it's time to try hemp. You can sprinkle it on ice cream. You can even find it in your hot dog. It has protein that gives your muscles energy, omega 6 and omega 3, plus magnesium. In fact, it provides all nine amino acids.

"Hemp is a superfood like no other," said Chad Rosen, founder of Victory Hemp Foods.

Don't worry: you can't catch a high from eating it.

"People have this reluctance to try it because they think they'll fail a drug test or they think it's marijuana," said Rosen. "Not a chance. There is no THC in what we grow."

So we asked people to try it. They gave it a thumbs up.

"We see people walking down the isles, and I tell them the best way to incorporate hemp is to use it as a topping on ice cream," said Rosen. "They're all over it!"

Kentucky legislators agree that healthier food should be encouraged at the Kentucky State Fair, so they're creating more incentives for farmers to bring hemp to Kentucky as they try to find more crops to replace tobacco. 

"We thought this would be the perfect place to germinate a business in the hemp industry because we would be free of the political chains that have been shackling this plant for so long," Rosen said.

As the FDA and government leaders become more supportive of adding hemp to foods, socially it's not always accepted. 

"We've had trouble with our credit card swiper -- the credit card processing company," Rosen said. "Because we have the word 'hemp' in our company name, they think we are selling an elicit drug and so they shut our credit card machine down. When we go to advertise on Facebook -- some of our more popular posts -- we get flagged and denied sponsorship."

While there's still more work to be done for Victory Hemp to become accepted socially, here at the Kentucky State Fair it, it doesn't seem to have that problem, even though it's healthy. 

Victory Hemp will be at the Kentucky State Fair until the fair is over on Sunday. 

To purchase hemp products from Victory Hemp Foods and for recipes, click here

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