CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Marcy and David Long have lived in Charlestown for most of their lives. Having an impeccable yard and landscaping have always been musts, but that's gotten harder as they've grown into their 80s.

"The yard's too big for us now, at our age," David said. "But, we're not going to move because we like the neighbors."

In fact, as of late, he's had to give it up.

"They had to operate on my ankle, so I can't put a whole lot of pressure on it yet," David said. "(The doctor) didn't want me cutting grass."

That leaves Marcy with some work. On Tuesday, when she was getting ready to mow the front yard, she had an unexpected guest: a police officer.

"I saw him sitting over there in front of Danny's house, and I thought, what's he doing?" Marcy said.

She was about to find out, because he wanted to mow the yard for her.

Another officer pulled up a few minutes later to help. A photo was snapped in the meantime, and now it's making the rounds on the internet.

"I really felt good that he did it," Marcy said.

"I was tickled to death he came," David added. "I was really surprised."

It was just good policemen doing a good thing for a couple who deserved it.

"People here in town are like that," David said. "They're real helpful."

That's just one of the many reasons the Longs say after five decades, they're still so proud to call Charlestown home.

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