LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Jefferson County Public Schools bus driver has resigned from his position after a Dunn Elementary kindergarten student was left unattended on his bus last week.

District and union officials confirm that Darryl Lewis Sr. will no longer drive a school bus, but it was unclear on Thursday if he will remain employed by JCPS in another capacity.

According to open records obtained by WDRB News, Lewis was driving bus No. 0248 on Aug. 16, the day the kindergartner was found asleep on the bus around 6:30 p.m. at the Jacob Bus Compound on Georgetown Place.

JCPS said the child was fine and required no medical attention, but believe that he had been unattended for 45 minutes when district officials and a parent found him.

Had Lewis not resigned from his position as a bus driver, he could have been fired. 

"It is the district's policy that all bus drivers must complete a walk-through of their buses at the conclusion of each run to prevent this type of situation," said Jennifer Brislin, a JCPS spokeswoman. 

Officials initially said Lewis was a 12-year veteran of JCPS, but according to his personnel file -- obtained by WDRB News through an open records request -- he was hired by the district in 2006.

Lewis' personnel file shows some previous minor reprimands for oversleeping and showing up late for his route in February of 2009 and September of 2014, as well as a suspension in March of 2012 for having an expired medical card. He was also reprimanded in May 2009 for running out of fuel and in October of 2009 for allowing a student to exit his bus at a location other than the child's designated stop.

In March 2015, another district bus driver resigned from the district after leaving a kindergartner on a bus. In that incident, the female student was left alone for two hours. Records show that driver Michael Wise broke district policy twice when he failed to check his bus before leaving Eisenhower Elementary and again before leaving the Lees Lane bus compound.

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