LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- UPS has broken ground on its $300 million expansion in Louisville.

It is a big field of dirt right now, but after the project is complete, an expanded hub near the airport will be bustling with dozens of trucks hauling goods. "Every one of those is a rolling, 18 wheels of economic opportunity," said Governor Matt Bevin.

The expansion will nearly triple the size of the UPS Centennial Ground Hub facility to serve customers more quickly. Workers will be able to sort 85,000 packages per hour, which is double what they do now. The expansion will also create up to 300 full and part-time jobs. "There's not a state in America, there's not a country in the world, that wouldn't be doing backflips at the idea of a $300 million investment," said Bevin.

Politicians, both Democrat and Republican attended the groundbreaking Thursday. They recognize how crucial UPS is for the local economy. "We hope for many more expansions, many more jobs, and many more years in partnership with UPS," said Senator Rand Paul.

"There was someone who got paid to load those boxes on there, someone who was paid to wrap those boxes and get those things labeled for shipping," said Bevin.

U.S. Congressman John Yarmuth called UPS an economic engine. "Companies one after another on a weekly basis locate here or expand here because UPS is here. We all recognize how critical UPS' future is to the future of our economy," said Yarmuth.

Construction will take place in three phases and will continue through 2020.  "This of course not the big investment that UPS has made here, billions of dollars in infrastructure and personnel. UPS is our biggest employer here in Louisville," said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

Around $2 million packages move through Louisville every day--to more than 200 countries and territories around the world. "This is a company where people climb the ladder from within. This is a company that provides opportunity," said Bevin.

Governor Matt Bevin, in showing his appreciation of UPS' commitment, brought up an initiative he has been pushing: cutting red tape. "We're gonna cut a lot of the red tape associated with actually doing business in this state. We've initiated something called the red tape reduction. You can go to redtapereduction.com. I want your ideas, those of you in logistics, you know where red tape gets in your way everyday," said Bevin, who also promised to get rid of the inventory tax.

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