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CRAWFORD | Three good notes: Old U of L board, new Cards radio lineup, old times at the State Fair

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Freddie Farm Bureau -- and a rainbow -- captured Wednesday evening at the Kentucky State Fair. (WDRB photo by Eric Crawford) Freddie Farm Bureau -- and a rainbow -- captured Wednesday evening at the Kentucky State Fair. (WDRB photo by Eric Crawford)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It’s not that my attention span is shrinking -- wait, I forgot what I was going to say next. No, I’m not that bad, yet. But every day, I wind up with a small pile of interesting things, some within my purview as a sports writer, some not, none really worth an entire column from me, but all worth mentioning in some way.

I think back to my days as a beat reporter and hearing an editor say, "Give me three good notes." So that's what I'll do here.

I’m going to try to collect them semi-regularly in these hits of three items. They could take you anywhere. Today’s will be a case in point. We’ll go from a meeting of the original board of trustees at the University of Louisville to some thoughts on the new Cardinals radio lineup to the Kentucky State Fair, where I spent a good chunk of time on Wednesday.

I won’t limit my thoughts to the 140-character Twitter limit, but I will endeavor to be brief. If I exceed 250 words on any, feel free to throw a flag.

Off we go . . .

1). OG BOARD. After Gov. Matt Bevin’s newly appointed board of trustees was put on hold by a judge, the original board met this afternoon to take care of some business at U of L. Bevin isn’t happy about it. He accused the new board’s action on Thursday as “self-serving” and added, “They want to preen. They want to have their moment in the sun." (Quote via Chris Otts on Twitter).

I don’t think approving a university budget is exactly “preening.” We’ll see if there’s any trash talk after the meeting, but my guess is this group will keep its head down and do its job. I understand the struggle going on right now between the governor and attorney general and, frankly, I think either board that winds up in power will do its job and move forward just fine.

But the university can’t very well put votes and needed decisions on hold waiting for that to happen. I do expect Bevin’s board will, eventually be the board of record, but either way, the show does need to go on.

It doesn’t matter who is on the board, students, it looks like, are going to pay 5 percent more in tuition next year. If public schools in Kentucky are serious about easing the burden on students, they can abolish the athletic fee that many students pay as part of tuition. At least for U of L and the University of Kentucky, as revenue continues to increase, it’s an easy loss of revenue to absorb.

2). ON YOUR RADIO DIAL. Change is coming to U of L radio broadcasts. Color analyst Craig Swabek took a job coaching high school football in Milwaukee, which means Paul Rogers will get a new partner in the booth. That voice is Alex Kupper, the former U of L offensive lineman. He knows the game from the trenches. Talking about him recently, Rogers told me, “He said his wife is tired of listening to him talk to himself during the games, so he’s looking forward to talking to people who want to hear.”

The departure of Matt Andrews from the Louisville Bats broadcast booth led to a domino effect for some local folks. Nick Curran moved in to fill his play-by-play spot, and I expect he’ll also take over play-by-play for the Louisville women, though that hasn’t been announced. That left his old gig as voice of the Bellarmine Knights open, and since my schedule wouldn’t allow me to do it (just kidding, they didn’t ask me!) the spot goes to Doug Ormay, who is leaving the U of L sidelines to take over that role, and should be outstanding.

That means Jody Demling, publisher of, will take over the sideline reporting and postgame interview duties for U of L football broadcasts.

Finally, Howie Lindsey will replace Rogers as host of Bobby Petrino’s weekly radio program. I’m not sure what went into that decision, but Lindsey has been paying his dues on the web and in radio here for a long time, and should do a fine job.

3). AT THE FAIR. It’s always fun to visit the Kentucky State Fair on WDRB Day. Thanks to all who stopped by. The first person to come shake my hand was Bud Knight from Russell Springs, Ky., who handed me a yellowed piece of newsprint with my father’s picture on it. My dad, Byron Crawford, was Kentucky columnist at The Courier-Journal for 29 years, and wrote his last column there in 2008, but people still come up to me to tell me about columns he wrote about them, or their friends or family members, years ago.

In this case, the column was from 1985, about Coe’s Steak House in Russell Springs, which is still in business and still family owned. In our day of hyper local focus on news, my dad reminded me the other day that relatively few of his stories came from the Louisville area, but they were still well-read because people in Louisville had an interest in what was going on in their state and region.

“A lot of people who live in Louisville aren’t necessarily born there,” he told me. “I’ll always remember asking a man where he was from and he said, ‘I”m from Todd County, but I’ve lived in Louisville 28 years.’”

I had nearly as many people talk to me about political things as sports things, which surprised me. Starting Labor Day, I may mix in a few more election pieces, not many, and certainly not partisan, but from time to time things do come to mind. Also, thanks to the fellow who suggested I bring back the Monday college football column I wrote for The Courier-Journal. He said he liked the structure and quick-hitting thoughts. It’s a good idea, and I plan to do it.

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