LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Two vigils were held for three different victims of homicides near Shelby Park this week.

This vigil at Shelby Park Sunday was for Cameron Pugh and Larry Brewer. Both were shot Thursday afternoon near Shelby Park. Brewer died on Friday.

“It shouldn't be happening,” said Pugh’s cousin Christopher Pugh. “Life is supposed to be long. It shouldn't be happening.”

On Wednesday three people were shot just a few blocks away. In that case a 14-year-old was killed and since then a 16-year-old has been charged with murder in that death.

A day before that, Shawn New says his brother Jordan was the victim of a shooting on Camp Street near Shelby Park.

“Obviously the support of friends and family is getting me through this,” New said Sunday. “Slowly but surely.”

New, with a pistol on his hip said the guns need to be put down but he says he doesn't have a choice.

“I carry because it happened at home,” New said. “It hit my doorstep. I can't take that chance. I feel bad I wasn't there to protect my brother.”

A vigil and balloon release for New was held Sunday as well. Friends say New, Brewer and Pugh were all close friends. For their families, last week was the worst they can remember.

“I'm glad to see all of Cameron's loved ones out here showing their appreciation to the family. It's just real hard,” Pugh said.

But this week’s violence might have hit him the hardest.

“It's not worth -- it's just an endless cycle,” Pugh said through tears. “You'll have another balloon release next week if this continues to happen. It has to stop.”

Police have not made any arrests in the cases. If you have information, you’re urged to call the anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD. 


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