LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDRB) - The University of Kentucky is offering a unique tailgating experience this season, with new luxurious suites. 

We're told football fans take their pre-game activities seriously. 

"Literally you wake up in the morning and you tailgate until the game starts," said sophomore Justin Greene. 

"It's crazy," freshman Erin McDonald said about game day. "It's a lot of fun to be out here with everybody and all the excitement." 

The new suites may be taking things to a whole new level. 

"It's called the 1865 Club," said UK Director of Strategic Communications Guy Ramsey. 

You could describe the trailers as mini man caves. Six have been set up just outside the stadium, in a prime location within the parking lot. 

"Sort of inspired by the fact that we added premium seating inside the stadium," Ramsey explained. "This is a chance to give our fans a premium experience before the game." 

The suites include air conditioning and heat, seating, a refrigerator, running water, drinks, an attendant and four TVs. One TV will be set up outside, the other, in the bathroom! 

"It is $5,000 per game or $30,000 for the entire season," Ramsey said. 

We're told each suite can hold up to 30 people. Officials were putting the finishing touches on them Monday, trying to get them ready for the first game since five of the suites have been sold for Saturday. 

"It's just a really cool addition to a culture that's pretty neat to begin with," Ramsey told WDRB News. 

At the end of the season these suites will be taken off site, stored and refurbished before returning for another round of football and parties. 

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