CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WDRB)-- If you've ever been wowed by a theme park's Halloween or Christmas display, chances are an Oldham County company was behind the design. Oak Island Creative works year-round to create some of the country's largest experiences.

While they're responsible for scaring the pants off audiences with the country's best haunted houses and crafting Christmas for crowds, you'd never know it from Oak Island Creative's ordinary-looking Oldham County headquarters.

"You'd drive right by us every time," said John Hawkins, who started the creative company nearly two decades ago. The real vision for the company started much earlier.

"I started building haunted houses in my parents basement when i was nine years old, and to make a real long story short, never stopped," said Hawkins.

Now, he's working on a much larger scale with hundreds of employees nationwide.

"We create the largest Christmas event in America in Williamsburg, Virginia," said Hawkins. "Over 10 million lights. Guinness certified the largest Christmas event in America."

In their Oldham County warehouse, teams design, build and ship everything from their line of holiday and scare products.

"If you're at a haunted house and they're chasing you with a crowbar, more than likely it's a terror tool," said Hawkins.

Their client list includes Fortune 500 companies like Anheuser-Bush and major theme parks including Six Flags and others that are top secret. They come to Hawkins and his team to create amazing experiences for guests. It can take up to two years to make those dreams a reality

"I think we're creating memories. That's what it's really all about."

Between Halloween and Christmas... Oak Island Creative will have more than 30 major experiential events all over the US. Right now they're building Santa's workshop which is headed for Pennsylvania. Eventually hundreds of thousands of people will filter through these halls, experiences that hit on all the senses including smell and sound. Oak Island even has its own recording studio and composer to make sure the experience is complete.

"The magic here is we're actually putting folks in the physical environment which is cool," said Hawkins.

The dream of a nine year-old Oldham County boy now wowing families on a grand scale, all over the world.

While Oak Island Creative is headquartered in Oldham County, they actually don't partner with many events or parks here in the Bluegrass. Hawkins says that's his next step to dazzle audiences right here at home.

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