LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 2016 survey found that 2,265 kids in Indiana between 7th and 12th grades admitted to using heroin.

The survey from the Indiana Prevention Resource Center says that number peaks during sophomore year for students in the southeastern part of the state, and researchers say Kentucky's rates are much the same. 

The news comes as doctors warn of a more dangerous batch of heroin on the streets, which hit Louisville on Tuesday and Sellersburg last week

At an event Thursday hosted by the Indiana Youth Institute, Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk spoke to social workers and educators about the crises facing more and more kids every day.

"It's a crisis," Schalk said Thursday. "We've got to deal with it, and if we put our heads in the sand, more young people are going to die." 

The event, hosted by the Indiana Youth Institute, also featured a former teenage addict, who explained how she fell into the struggle. 

"After the rape and not talking about it, and after having an abortion, I didn't have any self confidence, any self love," Laci Giboney said. "My identity was wrapped around the mistakes I had made ... That was kind of the way I learned to live life was using drugs. It numbed me out, and I didn't have to deal with it or face it."

Giboney now runs Transformations Center for Healing in Hamilton County, Ind. 

She uses a holistic approach to recovery, complete with physical, spiritual, psychological and family programs to help addicts stay clean.

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