LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's still unclear who's in charge of the city of Shepherdsville, but what is clear is that the the man who's been serving as the interim mayor has a lot of say about it.

Scott Ellis resigned in February amid allegations of a sex scandal.

Brian James was elected the new mayor. But a judge ruled this week Ellis did not properly resign and declared his resignation invalid, meaning Ellis is still technically the mayor.

James wrote a lengthy letter on Facebook pointing fingers at certain council members, calling them cry babies:

I've stayed very quiet on this issue, got some much needed rest, and was able to see who my friends really are. Everything that took place in the last seven months was legal as ruled by the judge. The only thing they "got us" on, was Scott Ellis's resignation letter (it was prepared by himself without legal guidance) which states his resignation of 'duties' vs. 'office' of the mayor, his verbiage didn't match KRS (state law). The judge basically ruled, although his intent was to quit his job per the demands of two council members Hatfield and Brown he was unsuccessful because of a wording technicality. 
Keep in mind that in court it was also disclosed that these two had a candidate that they were trying to backdoor into the Mayor seat. When everyone thought Ellis had quit his job the plans of different council persons went into motion. The night of February 9th everything was going as to plan for Hatfield and Brown except that the last vote for their candidate didn't show up to the meeting. They got up like cry babies that had their candy taken from them and tried to leave the room. It was too late, the process had already started and they watched 13 months of politicking and slandering blow up in their face. So like any bully that has a 95 pound woman stand up to them, they stopped coming around. They skipped over half of the regular scheduled meetings over the next seven months. (They were paid the entirety of the monies allocated for someone performing the job but didn't show up) 
As for my lovely wife Dana James, like any happily married woman who trusts their husband for everything, trusted the city to be in good hands with me. The KRS states the only person a council member may NOT vote for in a council election of the mayor is themselves. Nothing is on the books about a spouse, or even a dog (see Rabbit Hash, KY). There is no law of ethics or conflict of interest at the state level, as well as city ordinance regarding this situation. 
Everything mentioned so far is fact (except the cry baby part may have been paraphrased) as the judge heard it in court. Lest you forget the only thing the judge had legal grounds to rule against on was the verbiage used in the resignation letter.
The topic of pay has come up and I'm ready to address this head on. Firstly, mayoral pay is based on ordinance. The amount paid based on the mayoral salary prorated for the time worked. For the simple math minded I will refrain from trig identities and definite integrals. $55,000 annual salary divided by 12 months is approximately $4583.33 per month. Multiplied by 7 months of work (averaging 65+ hour work weeks) $32,083.33. Keep in mind this was not the exact figure and the CPA used a different formula to reach a similar number. After taxes and other deductions, take home pay was approximately $16,000.

The take away:
1. The judge ruled on a technicality of verbiage in a (I Quit) letter. Nothing has been ruled illegal.
2. Everyone had a plan for the next mayor.
3. Hatfield and Brown didn't get what they wanted and threw a tantrum.
4. Dana James had an obligation of office to vote for a candidate and I was the only person who accepted nomination.
5. I was compensated the amount designated for Mayor for the 7 months I performed the duties and "office". 
6. There was a plan in action to let the people choose the next mayor via November election. I was simply put (the bandaid used to cover the scars) until the people were able to speak.
7. There cannot be a mayoral race in November because the judges ruling was within 90 days of the election. Therefore, Hatfield and Brown have removed your right to choose a replacement.
8. Over the next couple weeks there will be much character shown throughout the community leaders, as a voter you should pay attention to fact and go to the source of information.
9. Brian James managed this city with pride, integrity, honesty, and transparency.

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