LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It may have been Sept. 2, but for dozens of kids from across Kentuckiana, Friday afternoon might as well have been Christmas.

Four-hundred pairs of donated shoes was handed out at the New Albany Boys and Girls Club. Skechers and Shoe Sensation teamed up to provide the huge donation to give kids a basic need at the start of school.

"It's exciting because ... this is a type of shoe they've never had before," said Julie Gagel with Shoe Sensation. "That they're being given something new is just really just exciting to them."

After getting sized-up and getting their shoes, kids then got the chance to truly make them their own.

We expect today to serve 125-150 kids," said Tina Hood, the director of volunteer services for the Boys and Girls Club of Kentuckiana. "Shoe Senation is going to leave some shoes for the kids who weren't able to make it."

The shoes actually came from customers of Shoe Senation through a give-back program called Bobs, which is similar to Toms.

"Every customer who buys a pair of shoes from us, that's a Bobs," Gagel said. "A pair of Bob's gets donated to a fund that goes out to different charities throughout the country."

And those shoes ended up in the hands, or rather on the feet, of kids right here in Kentuckiana.

This is the second time Skechers and Shoe Sensation have provided shoes to needy kids in our area. A year ago, they gave more than 1,200 pairs to children in Campbellsville, Ky.

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