LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An accused killer who took back his guilty plea has been officially sentenced after he changed his mind again.

Austin Scott was accused of killing Gary Henderson and Sennie Arnold at their Harrison County home in 2013. Prosecutors say Scott stabbed Henderson to death.

"On two previous occasions Mr. Scott indicated to the court that he would take accountability for his role in the murders and then backed out," said Harrison County prosecutor Otto Schalk. "He began to see the writing on the wall. The state was not backing down."

Scott originally took a plea deal, but in January changed his mind, saying he was pressured. He was set to go to trial with the death penalty on the table, but on Tuesday morning, he pleaded guilty in court. He was officially sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

"We've never gotten to speak and say our word, today was about saying this is what you took away from us," said Henderson's daughter Sue-z Schmelz. "
You took two loving people away from us. They'll never be here again. Your one action changed everything."

Another defendant, Kevin "Drew" Schuler is scheduled to go to trial in January for murder. Schuler is accused beating Arnold to death.

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