LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Scott Ellis is resigning as Mayor of Shepherdsville -- again. 

Ellis was the mayor of Shepherdsville before he resigned after pressure to step down over a sex scandal. But last week a judge ruled that Ellis is still the mayor because of a technicality regarding how his resignation letter was worded. 

According to court documents, his letter of resignation submitted on Feb. 7 read as follows:

"Effective at 4:00 p.m. this date I officially resign my duties as the Mayor of the City of Shepherdsville. I wish you and the employees of the city nothing but the best."

"The Court therefore finds that the letter of resignation tendered by the Defendant, Raymond "Scott Ellis," on February 9, 2016 failed to provide notice as required by KRS 81A.040(7) of his resignation in the "office" of Mayor," the judge wrote in the ruling. "It is therefore ADJUDGED that the February 9, 2016 letter of Raymond "Scott" Ellis to Randy Hammond, Bernie Brown, Dana Bischoff James, Ashley Bratcher, Larry Hatfield and Gloria Daft did not create a vacancy in the office of Mayor of Shepherdsville."

Despite the ruling and receiving about $35,000 in back pay, Ellis never showed up for work.

Bob Ryan, the CPA-Controller for the City of Shepherdsville says, "There have been no discussions at City Hall concerning additional compensation for Scott Ellis or vacation time. His annual salary is $59,893.59."

His second resignation letter appears below and is effective Sept. 6, 2016. 

Ellis left office in February after pressure to step down amid a sex scandal. His attorney says Ellis wants to be out of the public eye and move on. 
In his last interview with WDRB, he says "I'm taking responsibilities for my actions when I ask people forgive me. If you feel like I've wronged you, forgive me."

Because of the judge's ruling, there will be no mayoral race in November.

Councilman Larry Hatfield says, "It's pretty much evident we are not going to agree on an appointment. We'd have 30 days and if we don't agree, the governor would appoint." Hatfield says he and other council members are pushing for a waiver for the 30 days, so the governor could appoint right away.

Faith Portman is one of 6 candidates who was running for Mayor, but instead has the option now of running for City Council as a write-in candidate.

Portman wants to be the Mayor and is submitting a letter to the Shepherdsville City Council asking them to appoint her. When she got the news the mayoral race isn't happening, she says, "I couldn't believe it, I've never heard of this happening. It took me a moment to take it all in. I do feel we should have been able to run, but that's how the law is and we'll go by the law."

Her letter to the City Council states:

Dear Shepherdsville City Council Members,

I, Faith Portman, do hereby request to be nominated for the Mayor of Shepherdsville. As you all know I have served four terms (8 years) as a council member. I was a candidate in the prior election, which I was the runner up behind Scott Ellis. I’m very loyal to the taxpayers and the city of Shepherdsville. I work hard daily to ensure the safety and concerns of the citizens are met. I would appreciate your support and nomination as the next mayor of Shepherdsville.

Thank you,

Faith Portman

Mayoral candidate Sherman Tinnell writes on Facebook. "I'm both angry and sad to say our campaign has been paralyzed." He goes on to say, "There has never been a more incompetent city government in the history of Shepherdsville! In time, we can voice our anger by voting them all out! They got to go!"

Tinnell says he's not interested in running for City Council.

Depp Rasner the Second, a candidate for Mayor of Shepherdsville says he was looking forward to serving the citizens of this community. He was saddened to see he can no longer for mayor. Rasner says he will write a letter to appeal to the City Council to appoint him as mayor.

"Our city needs some strong leadership and obviously I felt like I could take that position," Rasner said, adding that he will not be putting his name on the ballot for City Council.

Rasner sent a letter to Councilman Randy Hammond on Wednesday, asking for his nomination:

Dear Councilman Hammond,

I hope this letter finds you well.   After receiving word that Mayor Ellis has submitted a proper resignation, I write to you today asking for your support in nominating and voting for me to be the next Mayor of Shepherdsville.  I would be humbled with the task to help re-energize our City Council, and re-establish the leadership our community needs and deserves.

A positive attitude, a strong work ethic, a sincere desire to help others, a passion for solving problems, and the ability to listen are some of the traits I’ll bring with me as the next Mayor.  My 13 year tenure in corporate healthcare information systems, my background and experience as a small business owner since 2001, and my educational preparation achieved from earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisville have sharpened my ability to plan, implement and execute and will serve the City Council well in my capacity as Mayor.  My roots and family ties lie here in Shepherdsville.  I love my community and want to see the citizens and businesses prosper.  I have served Shepherdsville in numerous endeavors from Bullitt County Bright and Beautiful, to the Bounty of Hope, to reading with students for the Bullitt County Public System just to name a few.  I think I am the best candidate for Mayor of Shepherdsville.

I believe we have many, many opportunities before us to make Shepherdsville the best it can be.  And I believe we can make positive things happen.  We just have to want to do so. I believe we can and I believe we can do it together.   I wish to be a part of uncovering those opportunities and working as a re-energized and re-focused team for the betterment of our community.

In closing, I thank you for your time and I appreciate your service.   I’m very hopeful to receive your full consideration.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 502-744-4190. Thank you and God bless you.  All the Best!

With sincere & kind regards,

Depp E. Rasner II

Candidate for Mayor of Shepherdsville

Hatfield says the City Council could vote on a chair at its next meeting and then city business could continue.

The other three mayoral candidates which include Brian James who was the acting mayor, did not return our calls. 

County Clerk Kevin Mooney says whoever becomes Mayor will serve until 2018. He says, "It's frustrating as a citizen to just feel like basically we are stagnant at this moment and we're just treading water. As County Clerk the frustration has just been to make sure the things we are doing are right according to statute and the constitution and that we don't accidentally make a mistake."  

The next City Council meeting is on Tuesday at 6:30 pm. The agenda still hasn't been set.

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