LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Meteorologist Jude Redfield and WDRB.com reporter Chris Otts held an impromptu, unexpected trash-talking session over college football Wednesday afternoon.

Redfield, a Western Kentucky University fan, was in the middle of his forecast for Sports Page Live Wednesday morning, when Otts, an Alabama fan, co-opted his forecast. 

With chants of "Roll Tide," Otts marched onto the set, surprising Redfield. Otts then proceeded to provide his own forecast, which called for a 100 percent chance of a "Marc Weinberg storm-chasing big' ole beatdown" of the "Hillclimbers."

During Otts' performance, Redfield repeatedly poked him in the head with his giant red styrofoam WKU finger.

"I really liked you Chris, until now," Redfield said, motioning to shake Otts' hand, but faking him out when Otts reciprocated.

Both agreed to make up by the end of the exchange, with Otts admitting that the Hilltoppers might eke out a "moral victory."

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