LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new tool available at Jefferson County Public Schools is helping students learn more about potential careers.

It's called the Career Calculator, and it was unveiled Thursday morning at Southern High School. The new app gives students career information at their fingertips. It has career data from the Metro Louisville region -- information such as the number of jobs that are available, how much they pay, and what kind of education is necessary.

Southern High School counselor Jessika English says it will be a huge help to students.

"It really is gonna help them because, as they are deciding, like, what college they want to go to, and what major they want to prepare for, they can know, like, when they leave that career pathway, they will be able to make so much money -- take care of a family," said English. "They will be able to get what they want for their life."

"It also tells you what type of education, what school you can go to," said senior Christy Owen. "It also gives you a description of the job so you know exactly what you're getting into."

Career Calculator was designed by Kentuckiana Works using a $100,000 grant. It was launched at Southern High School, but will be made available to all JCPS high schools, as well as Kentuckiana Works' seven career centers.

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