LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD Chief Steve Conrad sat down with WDRB on Thursday, and he talked about what every parent should be doing to keep Louisville's kids out of gangs.

"If a parent is not raising your child, the streets will raise that child," he said. "And a kid raised in the streets will end up in a gang." 

Chief Conrad says there are about 25 criminal groups operating in the city and recruiting young kids and teens. But, the department provides help for anyone trying to protect a child.

"Kids say the darndest things without a filter, and they do not have that filter on social media. And it wouldn't take much. Go to Google and look for that kind of activity and be shocked with pictures of kids from our community who are holding guns and holding money and holding drugs.

"And if that's your kid, you'd want to know, and it's not that hard to find out."

To see LMPD's guide for parents, click here.

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