NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) - A disturbing threat on social media has led to the arrest of a Floyd Central student. 

According to New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation's website, a student was arrested for allegedly making a threat to school safety.

The Floyd County sheriff says the student posted a picture Sunday night of himself on twitter with a shotgun with a caption underneath that read: "Ready for school tomorrow."

Concerned students and parents called the school resource officer and the sheriff almost immediately after the post was made. Authorities found the student, around 10:15 p.m., took the weapon and arrested him for intimidation.

"You know people will post things on social media -- keyboard courage is what I call it," said Floyd County Sheriff Frank Loop. "And they will text anything that they won't do face to face, and we have to be aware of that as well. So we want to know in our investigation if it is keyboard courage or is really someone who has a problem and could be a threat to students and faculty at Floyd Central."

Sheriff Loop says there may be a second student involved. That student has not been arrested, and was not at school today.

The name of the student arrested isn't being released because he is under 18.

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