RADCLIFF, Ky. (WDRB) -- An elderly man has been murdered in his Radcliff home in the city's first homicide of the year. Now police are pleading for your help to solve this case.

Police say it's a tough case because police are not just looking for a killer, they're also trying to figure out exactly who the victim is. Take a look at the image at right. It's the only known picture of 71-year-old Norman Hall -- and police are hoping it's the key to solving this homicide case.

Radcliff Police officers were at the Pin Oak Apartments in the 1500 block of Pin Oak Court last Friday morning on an unrelated call when a neighbor approached them.

"They approached and said, 'Hey, we haven't seen him lately, can you please check on him?'" said Jeff Cross, chief of Radcliff Police. "And we did."

That's when Cross says officers found the door to apartment 50 open -- and Norman Hall dead inside. Police won't say how he died, but the back window to the apartment is broken.

"Some of his property was removed," Chief Cross said. "It's possible that a robbery did occur."

The problem now is that police and the coroner are having a hard time finding any family, or anyone who knew much about Hall.

"I just saw it on the news," said neighbor Jerry Brumett. "Kind of makes you want to watch out more."

"He sat out on his deck all the time," said neighbor David Strong.

Police say the last time anyone saw Hall alive was last Wednesday at 3 p.m. 

Detectives on the case are still looking for details on anyone coming or going from the apartment -- and why Hall was targeted.

"We would just see each other out walking our dogs from time to time," Strong said. "He was a nice guy."

"He was 71, on oxygen," said Chief Cross. "It's sad when anything like this happens, but he's elderly and he never deserved this. So we will exhaust our resources to find who did this and solve the crime."

If you have any connection to Hall, or remember seeing anyone one come or go from his apartment last week, please call Radcliff Police at (270) 351-TIPS, or the Hardin County Coroner at (270) 737-8834.

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