LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The grandmother of a Crosby Middle School student has filed a lawsuit against several school officials.

Rebecca Hargrove is suing the principal, assistant principal and counselor after her 11-year-old grandson was bullied.

She claims she eventually had to send the child to private school because Crosby officials weren't doing anything to keep the boy safe. She claims the boy was the daily victim of punching and assault at Crosby.

According to the lawsuit, the boy had to go to the emergency room for medical treatment and was also treated for extreme depression and anxiety.

"You trust that the school's taking care of your kids," Hargrove said. "You trust that they're going to come home to you in the same condition that they went. When your child ends up in the emergency room with repeated injuries, then there's something very, very wrong."

Hargrove is suing for damages including medical expenses, pain and suffering and private school tuition.

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