LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Zackery Napper was killed in the Beechmont neighborhood last month. Court documents and police interviews obtained by WDRB News raise questions about whether a prior drug case was a factor in his death. 

Louisville Metro Police say Quennel Young shot and killed 19-year-old Napper near South Third Street and Tenny Avenue in early August, and then ran him over. They say he also shot a woman, but she survived. 

The victim, who WDRB is not identifying for safety concerns, says before the shooting, Napper had been getting phone calls from someone who wanted to sell them heroin. 

"I thought it was weird," she told the homicide detective in an interview. She says they didn't know who it was, but they still decided to meet him. 

"He was like, 'I have some other stuff at my house. We have two different kinds, that kind and another kind.' Well, Zack wanted to try the other kind." 

The woman says she and Napper got in the man's car, and he drove them to a home on S. 3rd St. and shot them. When police ask her why she thinks this would happen, one of the things she says is Napper was involved in a drug case and planned to testify against his alleged dealer. 

"He knows Zack snitched on him, because Zack called him, and he was like, 'How are you gonna do that to me, bro?'" 

Court documents reveal police seized a car they believe Young used in the shooting and the man Napper was supposed to testify against "can be linked" to that car. 

Still, investigators have not said whether the drug case played a factor in Napper's death, and Young is the only person who's been charged with murder. 

Young was out on parole on a manslaughter conviction when the shooting happened. He's pleaded not guilty to the new charges.  

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