LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some Shepherdsville Elementary School kids are getting to spend some one-on-one time with high-school students they think are the bomb.

According to a news release from Bullitt County Public Schools, members of the sophomore, junior and senior football teams at Bullitt Central High School have been paired with 50 elementary students for a new mentoring program. 

The program is spearheaded by Shepherdsville Elementary School Family Resource Center Coordinator Traci Gould. Gould says she worked with Proud Mama T-Shirts to purchase matching football jerseys for her kids to wear with their mentors. 

"The little buddies will experience mentoring, reasons to stay in school, learning about high school and positive male role models," Gould said, according to the news release. "Big buddies will be accountable to their little buddies and discuss careers and community service."

According to the release, Donnie McCubbins, a third grader, partnered with sophomore Daylin Huff.

"I love this!" Donnie said, according to the news release. "We both love Skittles and video games. I can't wait to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid with my Cougar Dude."

It's a memorable experience for fourth grader Skyler Hodge as well.

"This is amazing!" Hodge said, speaking of his mentor, senior Cody Mitchell. "I love football and I want to play for Bullitt Central. My Cougar Buddy is so cool."

Gould said many of the children attended the Sept. 2 Bullitt Central home game.

"Our guys were invited to go with their Cougar Buddy into the locker room for the pre-game pep talk," she said, according to the release. "They were so excited! Principal David Pate and I went with our Stingrays into the locker room."

At one point during the game, a player for the other team was injured and an ambulance came to the field.

"The BC players took a knee in the field out of respect and prayed for him," Gould said.

"Three cheers for Bullitt Central Football and the coaches!" Gould added. "I am so excited!"

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