BOYNTON BEACH, Fla.  (WDRB) –  It’s not as if the folks at Boynton Beach Community High School weren’t amazed by Lamar Jackson’s performance against Syracuse.  

It’s just that, well, they’ve seen it all before.

“The things that most people think are new are the things he's been doing forever,” Lyndon Clemons said.

Clemons was the assistant principal when Jackson transferred into his school as a sophomore. Jackson did not waste any time making his intentions clear. 

“He walked in on campus and walked into my head coach’s office and introduced himself as the new quarterback," he said. That didn’t go over well.”

But Jackson had to the skills to back up his bravado. And from the moment he stepped foot on the field, it was clear Boynton Beach had a new star.

“It’s a small school. We were winning like four games, five games,” former teammate Zaire Ivory said. “As soon he transferred in, it was like the best year in program history.”

As Jackson continued to pile up the yards and the highlights, his reputation grew around school. Jackson became a local legend, and soon everyone wanted to share in on the fun. Located down the hall from the school’s main office is a miniature shrine to Jackson in the security guard’s office. There was no doubt about it; Jackson was the big man on campus.

“We knew he was going to excel,” Officer Bill Tomey said. “It was just a matter of when.”

Despite all the success, Jackson did not change. Even to this  day at Louisville, his friends and teachers from back home insist, he’s still the same guy.

“The thing that I think is going to be so successful for him, he’s still a kid playing a game,” Clemons said.

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