LOUISVILLE, Ky., (WDRB) -- An attorney for the author and publisher of Katina Powell's book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules," wants a judge to prohibit "salacious" and "intimate" information about citizens mentioned in Powell's journals from becoming public in court documents.

Attorney Aaron Silletto, who represents IBJ Book Publishing and author Dick Cady in lawsuits involving the Powell scandal, told Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry that Powell's 1,028 page journal and thousands of other documents contain information about citizens' "intimate lives" that is not relevant. 

"These are people of all professions," Silletto told Perry on Thursday. "This is very personal for a lot of people."

Last month, Silletto and attorneys suing Powell on behalf of University of Louisville students and women pictured in the book agreed to make personal cell phone numbers and addresses confidential, meaning the public and media will not be able to see it before a potential trial. 

However, the two sides have not agreed on other information.

Perry told them to continue to try and work it out before the next hearing in November. The judge said he would not have the time to look through thousands of documents himself to determine what should be public and may have to appoint a third party, at the expense of the attorneys. 

Attorney Nader George Shunnarah, who represents six women who claim they were defamed by being depicted in the book wearing lingerie and dancing at parties for U of L basketball players and recruits, said that regular citizens involved with Powell and her dancers would likely not be relevant to the case.

But Shunnarah also said the courts are public and Silletto has not shown him what evidence he wants to keep private. He is arguing against the judge issuing a "blanket" order keeping all of the information from the public.

"We'd like to see what they want to designate confidential, and they need to show good cause," he told Perry.

Silletto told the judge there are thousands of pages that will be turned over to Shunnarah but much of it is "quite intimate, quite private, quite salacious."

Perry agreed it was unlikely all of the information needed to be made public, unless it came out in court hearings or at trial.

"It's an open court, but some of this should be protected," Judge Perry said in the hearing.

In addition, Silletto also said they had subpoenaed University of Louisville officials "and they have given us lengthy objections." He said the issue will likely have to be argued in court.

Also on Thursday, Perry agreed to temporarily prevent attorneys for IBJ and Cady from getting personal information from Miss Kentucky USA Kyle Hornback.

Shunnarah claimed they were asking for information "intended to annoy, embarrass, oppress" or cause undue burden to Hornback.

Hornback and other University of Louisville students filed a suit in October against Powell and her publisher, claiming "Breaking Cardinal Rules" has damaged the value of a degree from the school.

After Perry dismissed that lawsuit, IBJ and Cady filed a counterclaim against the students and Shunnarah, claiming the group was trying to "extort" money and "gain notoriety" though a lawsuit they knew should have never been filed. Shunnarah is appealing the dismissal of Hornback's suit.

As part of that counterclaim, IBJ and Cady have asked Hornback to turn over all emails, text messages, voicemail, computer files, notes and any diary or calendar entries related to the lawsuit and the claim that her degree was tarnished.

The attorneys are also requesting copies of Hornback's high school and college transcripts as well as any financial aid she receives and documents identifying any internships or jobs Hornback has held since Jan. 1, 2015.

In addition, Hornback is being asked to produce any online postings, messages, pictures or videos that mention the lawsuit, Powell, her book, IBJ or Cady, according to court records.

And the attorneys are requesting all communication and documents Hornback or Shunnarah have had with the media about the lawsuit.

Perry agreed to allow the information to not be turned over at least until a hearing on the issue in November.

Powell alleges that former U of L staffer and player Andre McGee asked her to arrange for women to have intimate encounters with players and recruits.

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