MEADE COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- For centuries, a well-known inn near Brandenburg has attracted visitors from across the country. Doe Run Inn will be auctioned in October, closing the book on memories spanning generations and if everything goes according to the owners' plan, it will soon serve as a new place to gather. 

Lined by tall trees and a peaceful stream, visitors can see the history of Doe Run Inn.

"I've been coming to Doe Run for 72 years," John Hardin said.

Built in 1792, it started as a textile mill. After expanding, WD Coleman bought the place in the 1890s and later opened full-time for meals in the 20s. He also brought the first electricity to Brandenburg and Meade County.

"All my life, my mother talked about Pappy's electric dynamo. This was her grandfather, William Dodd Coleman," Better Barger said. "One day I asked her about the kerosene lantern era and she said, 'oh well, we never had kerosene lanterns when I was a little girl.' I said, 'you didn't?' 'Well, no. Pappy had his electric dynamo going and he ran us poles all the way from Doe Run and we had electric lights.'"

Barger said a receipt book still exists after Coleman gave customers a receipt for paying their electric bill. "To think that he wanted electricity and figured it out, it's fun to think about," Barger said.

His family still owns what people know today. 

Doe Run Inn was later put on the National Register of Historic Places, but it's all the visitors, functions and lasting memories that some say make it special.

"In the late 1800s, Fourth of July picnics were a big deal. That was a big social event of Brandenburg and all of Meade County," Cherie Whitman said.

"You'd be out on the porch and people will say I was here during WWII or Korean war or Vietnam and came back for a visit," Hardin said.

Betty Hockman was hired as a waitress in its heyday. "I went to work in 1967 and I worked my last day here on December the 8th, of '09. So, I had a pretty good run," Hockman said. "It never seemed like a job. It was more like you bonded, more like family."

That was thanks in part, to Aunt Lucille and Uncle Curtis.

"My Aunt Lucille had big buffets and everybody got dressed up," Whitman said. "It was a lot of fun, it was a big deal."

Whitman's aunt and uncle lived and ran the 20-room inn for 26 years, before it eventually closed in 2011.

"We still see a fair share of visitors now. Still, people drive down and look around and go, 'oh, I didn't know you were closed,' Whitman said.

Furniture and family heirlooms are still frozen in time and some say ghostly spirits of the 224-year past never wanted to leave. The family said its finally time to sell. 

"I really, firmly believe it's going to land in the right hands and it's going to be well-cared for I'm sure," Whitman said. "I think there's plenty of people that love Doe Run Inn and want it to be open again. I know there are."

630 acres of property will be auctioned. RE/MAX Executive Group, Michelle Thompson Realtor and RE/MAX Group Auctioneers, JE Bramblett Principle Auctioneer are auctioning Doe Run Inn October 22 at 10 a.m. and October 23 at 11 a.m. on the property, located at 500 Doe Run Inn Road in Brandenburg. 

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