Live, work and play: that’s the vision for the future of the Elizabethtown square.

Passing through downtown, you can’t miss the construction and “Coming Soon” signs.

“It is quickly transforming into a comfortable and walkable restaurant and entertainment district,” said Carl Swope, President of Swope Family Dealerships and a local investor.

“The last two or three years, it's really gotten exciting with all the new businesses that are opening,” Elizabethtown Heritage Council chairperson Kathy Helm said.  

People who live in Elizabethtown say the square is on the cusp of becoming something great.

“All the stars have finally aligned, and things are starting to happen,” Helm said.

Businesses are popping up all over the square: Bourbon Barrel Tavern, Wicked Eyed Woman, Sonny Boys Backyard BBQ and Running Sole, just to name a few, have opened in the last year.

“We want to see this part of the historic part of our community come back to life,” Swope said.

The empty store fronts won't be empty much longer.

There’s a boutique clothing store called Swanky Shoppe, Beer and a Buzz, a spa, an art store called Kentucky Art lady, a microbrewery and Louisville's own Impellizeri's Pizza coming soon.

“I think in three years, you won't recognize the place because, it will be bustling with activity,” community investor Ben LaRue said.

The vision is to live, work and play, so there will be new places to live. There are brand new apartments being built above the buildings. They'll have wooden floors and exposed brick. Rent starts at $950 dollars.

Despite the rush, apartment units and store fronts are still available for rent.

A big announcement is coming in the next month. A well-established Louisville restaurant could be moving into one of the vacant store fronts in the square, but officials say it’s still too early to announce the name of the restaurant. 

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