LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — No need to wait until 2 p.m. when the latest edition of the Associated Press college football Top 25 is released.

I’ve already cooked up my Top 20 — and Bottom Five. There’s no reason to focus only on the Nick Sabans and Urban Meyers of the world. They already get all the love and ca$h. I believe in sharing the love — and darts.

TOP 20

1. Alabama (3-0) — Ole Miss has been Nick Saban’s Kryptonite the last two seasons so a 5-point win in Oxford feels like a 5-touchdown win over the Patriots.

2. Ohio State (3-0) — The Buckeyes beat Oklahoma by three touchdowns. The Sooners aren’t the Billy Sims Sooners, but, hey, the game was played in Norman and it left Bob Stoops on a seat as warm as his brother’s.

3. Louisville (3-0) — Jimbo Fisher might refer to Lamar Jackson as “the quarterback,” but the rest of America knows his name.

4. Houston (3-0) — Slow start, big finish at Cincinnati.

5. The Service Academies (8-0) — Stand and applaud: Air Force is 2-0, Army is 3-0 and Navy is 3-0. Thanks for your service and nicely done.

6. Michigan (3-0) — Sooner or later the Wolverines will have to play a ranked team or a road team or both.

7. Michigan State (3-0) — By winning at Notre Dame, the Spartans are positioned to win their first seven — or more.

8. Clemson (3-0) — If the Tigers win at Georgia Tech Thursday, they’ll be 4-0 when Louisville arrives. Anybody have extra tickets?

9. Western Michigan (3-0) — The Broncos lead the Big Ten West with road victories over Northwestern and Illinois. I warned you I was going to have fun with this. I guess it can be done without $3 million coaches and Taj Mahal practice facilities.

10. Wisconsin (3-0) — Are the Badgers legit? Not unless they win at either Michigan State or Michigan the next two weeks.

11. Stanford (2-0) — At UCLA, at Washington and at Notre Dame three of the next four weeks. Welcome to the grind, David Shaw.

12. Tennessee (3-0) — Still uninspiring. Still undefeated. Still a mystery. Still the team to beat in the SEC East?

13. Washington (3-0) — The Huskies have handled three Nobodies by at least five touchdowns. Stop playing Nobodies, please.

14. Arkansas (3-0) — I give the Hogs extra credit for the TCU win and Bret Bielema is nicer to the media than most coaches.

15. Georgia (3-0) — I give the Bulldogs less credit because they haven’t beaten anybody by double figures.

16. Central Michigan (3-0) — The team that stole the win at Oklahoma State will be 4-0 when it wins at Virginia Saturday. Just sayin.

17. Miami (3-0) — Keep an eye on Mark Richt and the Hurricanes. They blitzed a reasonably solid Appalachian State team on the road Saturday.

18. Nebraska (3-0) — Beware the Cornhuskers. They toppled fading Oregon Saturday. They might win the Big Ten West, which stinks.

19. South Florida (3-0) — Beware Willie Taggart. He’s 3-0 and gets a crack at sagging (or annoyed) Florida State Saturday.

20. Indiana or Wake Forest — Two unlikely undefeated teams will collide Saturday in Bloomington. The Hoosiers won in Winston-Salem last season, but lost the basketball game in Maui.

Dropped out: Florida State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Iowa, Texas.


5. Nike — Phil Knight University (quack, quack) lost to Nebraska (adidas); Texas stumbled; Louisville (adidas) beat Florida State (Nike). Ole Miss, Virginia, USC, Iowa and Illinois all lost in their Nikes.

4. Texas (2-1) — Gave up 50 while losing at California and now that Notre Dame win doesn’t look as sexy as it did two weeks ago. Charlie, you’re supposed to be Captain Defense?

3. USC (1-2) — Outscored by Alabama and Stanford 79-16? Paging Pete Carroll?

2. Notre Dame/Oklahoma/Ole Miss — All three started the season ranked in the Top 11 in the AP pre-season poll. All three have lost twice. All three are out of the national championship discussion. All three have cranky fan bases.

1. Iowa AD — Hawkeyes fans would have been thrilled if AD Gary Barta cut a year or two off Kirk Ferentz’s deal. Noooooo. Ferentz beat Miami (Ohio) and Iowa State, two winless teams, and he got extended through 2026 when he’ll be 71. 

Then he loses to North Dakota State.

I look for Barta to add five more years to Ferentz’s deal Tuesday.

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