LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man found guilty of drugging and molesting two girls during sleepovers is heading to prison.

Jerry Coop was sentenced to 120 years in prison Monday, a victory for the victims who have been through so much.

"It felt amazing," said Stephanie Marks, the mother of the victim. "I was so scared that he was gonna get so small of a sentence. And 120 years for what he did to my daughter ... it's not enough."

Coop was convicted of four counts of child molestation last month in Floyd County. He drugged and molested two 11-year-old girls numerous times during sleepovers at his home in Georgetown, Ind, starting with one victim in 2014.

The girls were friends with his daughter.

Coop would give the girls pills before bed that made them tingle and black out.

In court Monday, detectives and the victims' family members say they can't believe what they saw Coop doing, giving the family an obscene gesture.

"They're going over everything, and he decides he's gonna scratch his face and flip us off," Marks said. 

Prosecutors say the girls were vulnerable, both from single family homes, and were looking for someone to trust. Coop bought the girls clothes, dinner, iPads and phones. One of the victims testified in court Monday, saying she trusted Coop, has distanced herself from family and no longer has any friends because of what has happened. The father of the other victim testified that his daughter feels broken, has been bullied at school because her peers have found out about what happened to her, she suffers from major depression and is suicidal.

The judge found out about a statement Coop apparently made, a swipe at the victims, saying they were finally getting the attention they wanted from their families.

That did not help his case. The judge considered many factors and went with the harshest punishment possible.

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