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POV | Debates should be restricted to real contenders

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A Wall Street Journal article last week made the case that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson deserves a spot in next Monday’s first Presidential debate. The article was written by Mr. Johnson’s campaign manager Ron Nielson, but he still makes several compelling points.

As Mr. Nielson says:

  • It’s estimated that more Americans identify as political independents than as Democrats or Republicans.
  • The polls that show Johnson lacking the required 15% of support gather their information exclusively from land line telephone surveys, which underrepresent millennials and independents -- groups that most strongly lean Libertarian.
  • Johnson still shows more support than Ross Perot did in 1992, when he was included in the debates.
  • And then, of course, there’s this argument: How can Americans know if they support him or not if he doesn’t get to present his views on even terms with the other candidates?

These are good arguments. But I still believe the debates should feature only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, because they’re the only two people who have any chance of actually winning in November. Some may not like it, but that’s the truth.

I just can’t see cluttering the exchange with the views of someone with no shot at all.  But I’m sure there are many who disagree, so call and tell us where you stand.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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