LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Michael Vick whipped the hype surrounding Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson to turbo-level by Tweeting that Jackson was “5x better than what I was at Virginia Tech,” while Vick watched U of L put nine touchdowns on Florida State Saturday.

If Vick put Jackson at the front of the line to land at the Heisman Trophy ceremony in December, what Vick failed to do was complete the pass.

Five times better? Maybe.

Better in five more ways? No doubt about it.

I went to the record book and found Five More Remarkable Things Michael Vick could have said about Lamar Jackson, the Cards’ irrepressible sophomore.

1. Jackson has now rushed for at least 100 yards in five consecutive games. Vick failed to rush for more than 57 yards in his final seven games with the Hokies. He had four 100-yard games in his college career.

You remember Vick as a guy who could outrun a text message. Fast. Elusive. Determined. Relentless. Acrobatic. Creative.

But Vick’s rushing numbers at Tech weren’t close to what Jackson has achieved at Louisville, especially this season.

Jackson ranks second in the nation, running for 464 yards in the first three games, all victories.

During the 2000 season, Vick’s second and final year with the Hokies (he redshirted as a freshman and skipped his senior year) Vick ran for a total of 219 yards against in Tech’s first three games against Akron, East Carolina and Rutgers.  

Vick’s best three-game stretch was 369 yards against Rutgers, Boston College and Temple in the first half of the season.

Jackson is averaging 9.5 yards per carry. Vick averaged 8.7 yards during his first three games, but finished the 2000 season with under 6 yards per carry.

2. Jackson has rushed for 100 or more yards eight times in his 15-game career (Jackson did not play against Syracuse last season.)

Vick rushed for 100 or more yards four times in his entire 22-game college career.

In fact, Vick did not generate 100 yards rushing until the ninth game of his sophomore season against Temple. As a sophomore, Vick had four games when he failed to rush for 50 yards.

3. Jackson has scored 10 touchdowns in his first three games. Vick ran for nine touchdowns as a sophomore and eight as a junior.

Jackson matched the four touchdowns he scored against Syracuse by running for four more against Florida State, the team formerly known as the second-ranked team in the country.

Vick never ran for more than three touchdowns in any game as a junior.

4. Jackson is completing 61 percent of his passes for 913 yards. Jackson is on pace to finish the 12-game regular season with 3,652 yards.

Vick failed to complete 58 percent of his throws as a sophomore or junior at Tech, finishing with 2,065 yards as a sophomore and 1,234 as a junior. Jackson already has as many touchdown passes this season (8) as Vick had during the 2000 regular season with the Hokies.

5. In 2000, Vick finished the regular season as Tech’s leader in total offense with 1,851 yards — 1,234 passing and 617 rushing.

At Marshall, Jackson will try to add to his total offense numbers of 1,377 — 464 rushing and 914 passing.

Feel free to Tweet any of that information any time you please, Michael.

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