Bardstown Bourbon Company is new to the Bourbon Trail.

“It's been two years in the making. We just started production last week,” said David Mandell, Bardstown Bourbon Company President and CEO.

It’s also bringing new ideas to the Bourbon Trail, adding a restaurant to the distillery.

“And within the facility here, we have one of the largest whiskey bars in the state," Mandell said. "Phase two of this is boutique hotel and restaurant.”

Bardstown Bourbon Company is the first distillery to plan to build both a hotel and restaurant on site.

Thanks to Senate Bill 11, distilleries can now sell bourbon by the drink.

“When the visitor comes, you're not just tied to a single brand," Mandell said. "You can have anything."

During a visit to BBC, you can take a class to learn how bourbon is made. Then, you can watch the entire process from start to finish.

“There is nothing in here that is outside the view of the visitor,” Mandell said.

From the grain that's grown on site and used to make the bourbon, all the way through the distilling process, the idea is “getting the consumer as close to understanding how the whiskey is made,” Mandell said.

Production just started Sept. 12, so you can't find BBC on the market yet. Until then, it will produce whiskey for other brands “to fill the gap of the dry years we have,” said Steve Nally, Master Distiller.

BBC is bringing the concept of collaborative distilling to the Bourbon Trail.

“Right now, we have about 10 or 11 customers,” Nally said.

“It's providing a completely new model in the market for how you can create whiskey and bourbon if you are not a distillery,” Mandell said.

BBC has so many interested customers, so it has to be selective of the bourbon brands it chooses to work with. Mandell says that’s a testament to the growth the industry is projecting for the future.

BBC owns about 100 acres. It plans to keep expanding the distillery and add more warehouses, and it'll be open to visit in spring 2017.

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