TAYLORSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Spencer County Sheriff Buddy Stump says his employees are getting sick because of mold in the sheriff’s office building.

“We have one employee who has been recommended by his doctor to not come into this building anymore,” Stump said. “We have employees getting treatment from doctors.”

Stump says this has been a problem for at least ten weeks, but the Spencer County Fiscal Court and Judge-Executive John Riley has done little to help the problem.

“They need to move to the forefront and make a recommendation,” Stump said. “Make a decision and do it immediately. “

Riley declined to do an on-camera interview, but said the sheriff is “greatly over-exaggerating” the seriousness of the problem.

Sheriff Stump feels the problem is so serious that he has moved all employees that were working in the second floor of the building to the mobile command center outside of the building itself.

According to an air sample report of testing done Sept. 8, the building has fungal spores present.

However, the report states “these levels were significantly less than the outdoor sample but still at levels that could irritate sensitive individuals.”

Since the initial discovery of the mold, the county has provided a dehumidifier and two air scrubbers to help with the problem. However, Stump says that’s not enough.

“I would think that Judge Riley and the two magistrates that voted with him should be thinking about the citizens of this county and not having them exposed,” Stump said.

One of the options that has been discussed is temporarily moving the sheriff’s office and operations to the EMS headquarters.

“I don't want to move and disrupt EMS operations,” Stump said. “I don't want to move and disrupt my operations, but unfortunately, we're going to have to make a move I feel like.”

Judge Riley said other options are available, but Sheriff Stump “finds them not suitable.”

“If you pull the ceiling tiles back in the upstairs of the building, there's no problem seeing the mold,” Stump said.

The fungal air sample report states that “localized HEPA filtration is not a solution to the indoor air quality issues in this facility.”

The Fiscal Court meets on the first and third Monday of every month. 

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