LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some city leaders are fighting back against the plan to restructure Louisville's police force.

Fifteen Louisville Metro Council members signed a letter to the mayor Thursday saying they oppose the plan, which would add a full-time SWAT team, but dismantle the police FLEX units -- platoons in each police district that focus on fighting drugs.

"Removing them [the FLEX units] from a division...creates an environment where others will have to spend countless hours investigating or verifying the validity of a complaint that a FLEX platoon dedicated to that area can easily determine because they are embedded and user specific to that area," the council members wrote.

"In conclusion, believing that adding 14 to 16 detectives to a centralized narcotics division and expecting them to be able to handle all of the complaints generated by the community about guns, drugs, gangs or violence is not achievable," the letter continues. "They will not have the time, or community-based intelligence to effectively work the entire city of Louisville. Although we acknowledge the need for more officers in the narcotics division, you don't 'rob Peter to pay Paul.'"

But Mayor Greg Fischer says it will be a positive change.

"The changes being implemented by Chief Conrad will provide more resources in the neighborhoods that are seeing the spike in crime," Fischer said in a written statement. "Chief Conrad is proactively working on innovative ways to make our city safer."

Below is a full, signed copy of the letter sent by Louisville Metro Council:

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