LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Lincoln Elementary School was on lockdown for a short time Monday morning after reports that someone in the building had a gun. 

A parent told WDRB that he was asked to remain in the principal's office when he dropped his daughter off at the performing arts magnet on Main Street Monday morning. 

Mike Neff says he was dropping off his daughter shortly before 9 a.m. when the carpool line suddenly stopped. He took his daughter inside the building and that's when he said he was told the school was under lockdown because there was a report of someone with a gun.

"They told us to go into the principal's office and that's where we stayed until they told us it was OK to leave," he told WDRB News.

Neff left the building around 9:50 a.m. 

A JCPS security officer was telling dozens of parents who arrived at the school that there was a call placed to the school involving a person with a gun. LMPD was called and police K9s were brought in to search the school and nothing was found, the security officer told parents.

JCPS spokeswoman Jennifer Brislin confirms that someone called 911 saying they saw an unknown person entering the building with a weapon. The school immediately raised its security level, and LMPD conducted a thorough search of the building. 

A letter from principal Susan French sent to parents states that in addition to the lockdown, Bus No. 668, which had not arrived at school, was diverted to Breckinridge Franklin Elementary School, where they stayed until the all-clear was given.

"Out of an abundance of caution, JCPS Security additionally conducted a K-9 search of the school," French said. "We take very seriously any potential threat to the safety and security of our students, staff and school. Please remind your child that threats to schools, staff or other students are serious, and should be reported to school officials or JCPS security immediately so they can be assessed."


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