LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Tasked with patrolling places like the roads of I-65, Indiana State Police troopers are getting more tools to help identify the illegal drugs they come across. 

"The drug use in Indiana is something that's constantly evolving," ISP Sgt. Philip Hensley said. 

ISP says a device called Tru Narc has a laser that can detect the drugs.

"What it does is tells us up to 370 different types of drugs that are out there on the street," Sgt. Hensley said. 

Right now, the agency has five of the devices spread across Indiana. 

"Through a federal program, we have more grant money coming in to equip additional areas throughout the state with these units," Sgt. Hensley said. 

He says the plan is to add five to seven more, and each one costs around $20,000. 

"It's instant," Hensley said. "It takes a matter of seconds for it to get a reading of what the drug is without sending the drugs to the lab." 

The device is so easy to use that WDRB tried it out with some allergy medicine. With the push of a button, the device told us Pseudoephedrine was in the pill. 

The information can be crucial for police who are finding extremely potent drugs. 

"This device will be able to tell us yes, it's heroin. Yes, it's heroin with fentanyl," Sgt. Hensely said. "Our officers can act accordingly in how they handle not only the drug, but the person they're dealing with."

Right now in Indiana, the test results won't hold up in the courtroom. But Sgt. Hensley says that could change. 

"With this being new to Indiana, we're hoping that in a matter of months, possibly years, we can get this to where ... the report is admissible and submitted as evidence in court," Sgt. Hensley said. 

He says the agency should have the new devices by the end of the year. 

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