While watching Monday night’s Presidential debate, I was struck by the number of problems discussed that – despite what the candidates may say – seem to actually have no solution.

For example, how can we ever eradicate racism that both whites and blacks carry? And until we do, how will the black community come to trust the police again? 

How do we get Republicans and Democrats to work together effectively in Washington? Ideologies have gotten so polarized that I’m not sure we can. And speaking of ideologies, how do we get the Russians to become good citizens of the world community?

How do we solve the drug problem? And how do we stop the mostly black on black shootings here and in other cities, many drug related? There aren’t many solid answers.

And while it wasn’t discussed much Monday night, how do we ever solve the problem of getting radical Islam to live peacefully with Christianity? And how do you ever convince lone wolf terrorists that blowing up innocent human beings accomplishes nothing? 

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both pretty good at pointing out what’s wrong. But I didn’t hear a lot of workable solutions from either of them. I admit, I don’t have many either, but if you think one of the candidates articulated a workable agenda better than the other, please call and tell us who it was – and why you think so.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.