SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Shepherdsville now has a new mayor after Scott Ellis officially resigned in the wake of a sex scandal.

On Wednesday morning, Curtis Hockenbury, the new mayor appointed by the city council, described his emotions upon entering his new office.

"It feels remarkable," he said. "I'm just excited to get started and see what we can do to move this city forward."

It was a packed room as city employees and the public watched Hockenbury be sworn in as the new mayor. He was one of six candidates who had originally filed to run for Mayor. Hockenbury says he learned a lot from meeting more than 1,700 voters.

"They conveyed one strong message: that they had lost confidence in the city government," he said. "With the help of council members and my leadership, we are going to restore that confidence. So thank you very much and God bless!"

Hockenbury declined to comment in depth on the controversy surrounding Ellis' departure.

"I don't really know," he said. "I didn't really have a personal relationship with him. I worked here for a little bit under him as a school officer, and I just know that after visiting with those people -- they told me from their doorsteps and inside their living rooms, that they'd lost confidence in how it was running even then. So I'm just gonna try to  -- with my leadership and the council, we're going to work as a team. It's going to be my managements skills -- we’ll be as a team, and working with the people, and the council, and see if we can get this city back on track."

After Ellis officially resigned, he was given a check for back pay. Now he's asking for four more days of pay.

"I've known of that -- I've been aware of it," Hockenbury said. "What I'm going to do is think about that and work with the that and talk to -- maybe some of the voters -- and see how we stand, and the city attorney, and see what we can do to close that chapter of the book. I want this new book to be open now, and we'll move forward."

The City Council and Hockenbury are expected to make a decision on if Ellis will get the four-day check. Council members say that could be discussed at the next meeting.

"Well I'm concerned that is taxpayer money," Hockenbury said. "I'm very concerned about taxpayer money. That's not my money."

Hockenbury also pledged to be accountable to his constituents.

"I question anything with taxpayers' money -- anything with taxpayers' money," he said. "Because like I said, that's their money, and we're just stewards of that money right now. We're just stewards of this position, and we'll only hold this position as long as they let us, or they'll vote us out."

When Hockenbury was asked why he'd be a good fit for Shepherdsville, he says, "Because I don't have no personal agenda, not at all, not whatsoever."

"He has a clean slate," said Councilwoman Ashley Bratcher. "He has absolutely no baggage that comes with him. He wants what's best for the city. He wants what's best for employees. He was an employee for Shepherdsville, so he knows what's it's like."

Hockenbury says ethics is very important to him. He served as a police officer for 28 years in Bullitt County and in Louisville.

His term ends Dec. 31, 2018, and the annual salary is $59,904.00.

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