FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students from two local colleges that recently closed have found a new home.

Students, faculty and staff from ITT Tech and St. Catharine College are landing at Kentucky State University.

"I'm married, and I have two children and went back to school a little bit later," said Misty Killinder, a nursing student at Kentucky State.

Killinder is not your typical college student.

She said, "My youngest son started kindergarten last year and my husband said, you know, now it's your time to go ahead and finish that education."

Killinder eventually enrolled in the nursing program at ITT Tech, but a few weeks ago, an email rocked her world.

"The education department desired to close the doors, so there was no more school to go back to," she said.

That put the education of Killinder and her classmates in limbo.

"ITT kind of left us high and dry, and I wasn't sure where to go from there," Killinder said.

That is when Kentucky State reached out to the students and offered a home.

"We wanted to make sure that we did everything that we could do in order to make those ITT students feel comfortable so, the area where we did a lot of work was in those ITT nursing students," said Dr. Aaron Thompson, Interim President at Kentucky State University.

Dr. Thompson said the university has also picked up students, faculty and staff from St. Catharine College, which also closed earlier this year.

"We looked for innovative ways to give St. Catharine an easy, seamless way of getting into our university without losing a lot of credits."

Dr. Thompson hopes to hear from other students, faculty and staff who are still in limbo.

"We feel that here's a home for them," he said.

Meanwhile, Kentucky State is perhaps the last place Killinder expected to be. But now she sees it a blessing in disguise.

"It just helps so much to know that these people really care."

Kentucky State is also offering free text books to all of its students this year.

To find out about enrollment for next semester, just call the admissions office.

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