LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville mother suffering from breast cancer had one wish as her condition worsens. She wanted to see her daughter, Maddie Loney, sing one last time. 

So the PRP High School theater department organized a special performance for Maddie's mother in the school auditorium.

"Seeing her go through this, with all the cancer and stuff, it's the worst thing," said Maddie, a junior at PRP. "She's amazing. She's the strongest person I know." 

The entire PRP choir came together and sang for Maddie's mother.

"She's everything," Maddie said. "She's always helped me through everything, no matter what. She's always been right next to me."

As her mother took it all in from the front row, Maddie was grateful to sing for her, even if it's the last time.

"I love singing for her," Maddie said. "Seeing her right here next to me, and seeing her this excited to be here ... I'm just glad she was able to be around for this.

"I'm never going to forget this moment."

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